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Maximum Magnesium Smoothie

There’s no better way to get more magnesium into your body then by eating more magnesium rich foods.
Blend up this smoothie and enjoy a delicious dose of magnesium for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack!


Maximum Magnesium Smoothie

  • Author: Tammie Duggar



2 cups liquid* (my favorite magnesium rich liquids are almond milk or coconut milk)

1 cup frozen berries

1 frozen banana

12 Tbsp. pure maple syrup

1/2 of an avocado

1 Tbsp. cacao powder

12 leaves of your favorite greens (Kale, Romaine or use 1 handful of Spinach)

68 ice cubes, optional


Place all ingredients in the blender in the order listed and blend until smooth and creamy.


*You may need to add more liquid depending on how thick you like you smoothie.

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