Advanced Chiropractic Care

Move Freely. Feel Better. Live Fully.

Restore Balance To Your Body

Are you suffering from lower back issues, neck pain, or headaches? Maybe you’ve been in a car accident or had a sports injury. Proper healing from these issues requires the latest advanced treatments including chiropractic, massage, spinal decompression, muscle retraining, and more.

Dr. Duggar has pioneered a powerful methodology called the BodyBalance System that integrates the best from over 20 different healing modalities that truly help his patients heal deeply. We regularly see results in a fraction of the time it takes in other offices.


Comprehensive Chiropractic Care

Full Spine Instrument Adjusting

Soft-tissue and Muscle Activation

Herbal and Nutritional Support

Laser Therapy

Custom Foot Orthotics

Ozone & PRP Injections

Non-surgical Spinal Decompression

Pregnancy and Pediatric Care

Sports and Extremity Injury

We utilize a variety of techniques and the latest technology to make your adjustment relaxing and painless.

The health of your spine requires full mobility of each joint as well as strength and flexibility of the muscles and supportive tissues. We address each component of spinal wellness on each visit.

When the structural system is not working properly it causes pain and inflammation. Taking over-the-counter medications can cause significant side effects over time. We help you manage your inflammation with herbs and nutrients that are both safe and effective.

Our cells can harness the power of light energy to speed up the healing process. We use a variety of red and near-infrared low-level lasers and LED lights to bring relief and repair to inflamed and injured tissues.

Regenerative medicine is exploding right now. New approaches to treating structural pain have emerged that are far less dangerous and much more effective. Medical ozone and PRP injections help your body heal without man-made chemicals and their side effects.

When spinal discs are injured, bulging, or herniated they can be incredibly painful. Conservative care options should be used before surgery is even considered. With non-surgical decompression, we can take the pressure off of the nerves and heal the discs.

During pregnancy, there are dramatic changes to the mother’s entire structural system often leading to pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care can bring much-needed relief. There are also significant strains on the infant’s spine which can be carefully treated by an expert in pediatric care.

Chiropractors are experts in all aspects of muscle and joint health and are the go-to doctors for weekend warriors and elite athletes. They play a prominent role on all professional and collegiate sports medical teams, not only for treating injuries but for preventing them in the first place.

Let's Get Started.

We only choose to work with clients that we believe we can help and who are committed to doing the work of healing.

That’s why we require that you first meet with our team on a FREE 15-minute “health strategy session”.

This can be done over Zoom, the phone, or in person. At the end of the call, you will be invited to schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Duggar if we both feel that we’re a good fit to work together. 

Chiropractic FAQs

A – Adjustments are extremely safe. In fact, receiving treatment by a chiropractor is one of the safest health care procedures that you could ever have – far safer than even taking an aspirin.  What’s more, there are many ways to perform an adjustment and we can tailor your adjustment to make sure that it is comfortable and enjoyable to you. Kids in particular LOVE to get adjusted and often quarrel with their siblings as to who gets to go first.

A – Many healthy behaviors like exercise, diet and brushing your teeth don’t yield dramatic benefits over night.  The healing process takes time. Often people have been dealing with “silent” subluxations for years or even decades. It often takes a series of visits to unwind the patterns of dysfunction in the body.  Our unique integration of chiropractic care with supportive modalities allows us to have tremendous success in helping our patients feel better and return to full activity.

A – Dr. Duggar is not a preferred provider with any general health insurance companies but many of our patients have out of network benefits that may help with the costs of chiropractic care.  We strongly advise each patient to contact his or her own insurance company to ask about coverage in our office. Rest assured that even if your insurance doesn’t cover your needs, we have flexible payment options.

The initial consultation with Dr. Duggar is between $90 and $150.  As you discuss your health history and your goals for treatment, Dr. Duggar will most likely suggest diagnostic tests that will help pin-point the cause of your condition. The cost of all tests will be discussed with you prior to incurring any charges. If there is a need for tests, you will pay for those at the conclusion of this visit as well.