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Why should I eat fermented foods?

A few years ago my mom and I were out together for the afternoon when she realized that we were very near the neighborhood where they had purchased their first home, the home that I began my life in, she excitedly asked if I would like to see my parents first home.  Of course I would, and as we drove on she started telling me stories of when they moved in and about their neighbors.

The closer we got the more I noticed her excitement fading as all around us images of run down houses and unkempt yards began shattering my mom’s memories of that brand-new neighborhood, their wonderful new home and loving neighbors.

As we turned the corner and drove onto Starcrest Drive my mom let out a sigh and an “Oh, dear!”  Her first home was in ruins, one side charred from some sort of fire, lawn that was more dead than alive, and broken windows held together with duct-tape.  Fortunately the memories of that home will outlast the images that we saw that day.

As I have contemplated that experience, I related it to my body- because that’s how I think.  We are all born with a new “house” and this house is where we get to experience life and form memories.  Just like a home built of lumber and bricks our body requires maintenance on the inside and out.  We can generally see how people are doing on the outside, they either have glowing vibrant skin or pale skin with dark circled eyes (or somewhere in-between that spectrum).

What about the inside?  That is something we don’t get to see.  But it is definitely something we get to feel.  The way we “look” on the inside is directly related to the symptoms that we feel.  Are you moody, have a weak immune system, suffer from gas, blotting or bad breath?  Do you feel like you just can think clearly, or are your hormones all wacky?   These are a few symptoms that will tell you that the riffraff has taken over your neighborhood.  We are literally home to trillions of organisms, both good and bad, and if the balance is off then so are we.

When the bad organisms are more abundant than the good organisms- then there goes the neighborhood!  The use of antibiotics, anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitizers, diets high in processed foods and refined sugar, and low consumption of high-fiber veggies and fruits are a major reason for this imbalance.

It’s time to take back the neighborhood!

One of the best, ancient secret, weapons is fermentation!  Fermentation is an awesome way to help the good guys flourish in your gut!  When your gut is healthy you will have that vibrant glow that starts on the inside and works its way to your outside.

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