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What’s That Smell?

Have you taken a walk lately down the Health and Beauty Aid aisle in the grocery store? Have you notice the gazillion (is that even a number?) different varieties of deodorants out there? Some just for men, some exclusively for women and some made just for teenagers.

Now, what about all those ingredients? I can’t even pronounce most of them, can you?! Just what exactly is aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine anyway?

Research out there right now suggests that many of those ingredients in our deodorants are being linked to Alzheimers, hormonal imbalance and breast cancer. That is scary! Here’s an alarming fact: most of the ingredients in deodorants have never even been tested for safety and they don’t require government approval. (Don’t even get me started on “antiperspirants”! Why would anyone want to stop the body from doing what it is supposed to do???) I digress….back to deodorants:

Now, having said that – what’s a person to do? Should everyone on the planet just stop using deodorant altogether??? (Plug your nose and say: Ewwwww!) Absolutely not!

Good news! There are some natural options out there that will help with body odor:

  • Seems silly to list this, but bathing more often, using a soapy washcloth to the underarms will remove bacteria (and bacteria is what causes the odor)
  • Apply witch hazel, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar or alcohol to your armpits instead of deodorant (Ladies – do not apply these immediately after shaving!)
  • Use baby powder, corn starch or baking soda on your underarms to prevent odor and kill bacteria (Hey! Baking soda sure works in the fridge for removing odors!)
  • Mix rosemary, (available in an essential oil) with an ounce of water and apply as an antibacterial rub
  • Consume more zinc, either as a supplement or in zinc-rich foods

Previously, I’ve written articles about your “Chemical Toxicity” – applying chemicals directly to your skin contributes to the chemical load your body has to deal with. And don’t worry that you have to rely on the “homemade remedies” that I listed above. There are some “healthy, natural” deodorants out there as well, I just strongly encourage you to read the labels and do your research so you can be informed!

What have you found that works best for you as a health alternative to typical deodorants?

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