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Make Your Morning Dandy

Did you know that 60% of Americans claim they need to start their day off with a “Cup-o-Joe?” Many of those same people say they just don’t feel like themselves without it.  That’s over 100 million Americans who start their day with a powerful stimulant drink with lots of not-so-healthy effects.

While there are some people who claim that coffee isn’t bad for your health, there is a strong consensus that if you are suffering from any type of thyroid issues, hormone imbalance, adrenal conditions or auto-immune diseases you should avoid coffee.

If you are one of those people who just needs a warm, soothing drink in the morning to coax you into your day, have no fear…I’ve got something better for you.

It’s called Dandy Blend.

3 Reasons Why I Love Dandy Blend:

It contains dandelion root.  You may consider dandelion a root, but people all over the world view dandelion as a valuable herbal remedy that nourishes and cleanses the kidney and liver.

It contains no gluten.  Even though Dandy blend is made with barley and rye, a gluten containing grains.  It is an extraction and during the extraction process the gluten proteins that are not water soluble are left behind, making Dandy Blend gluten free.

It contains over 50 trace minerals which the body uses to synthesize compounds needed in metabolism.

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Dandy Blend:

It’s caffeine free and has no acidity or bitterness.

It’s made from the roots of dandelion, chicory and beets.  These roots naturally contain fructose which give the blend a slightly sweet flavor so additional sweeteners may not be needed.

If you need to transition away from coffee Dandy Blend will help you avoid headaches and other withdrawal symptoms.

Check out my recipe for a “Cup-O-Dan” and start your morning by enjoying this health-promoting drink.

If you’re not sure you’d like it, order a sample of Dandy Blend here to give it a try.  If you’re ready to make it every morning Dandy you can get a bag of Dandy Blend here.

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