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Jicama: Nutritious and Delicious

Jicama is a tuberous vegetable, it looks sort of like a smooth round potato, or a brown rutabaga or turnip. They can be quite large, with bark-like skin, but on the inside they bright white, crunchy and juicy with a sweet and nutty flavor. Jicama tastes like a savory apple.

Jicama is a delightful veggie that can be used raw or is also great lightly steamed to add extra crunch and a subtle taste to recipes.

Jicama can be found in the produce section, usually near the potatoes or onions, of many grocery stores, especially if they know you want it. But you can also generally find it in Mexican, Latin American, and Asian markets.

Health Benefits of Jicama

Great Source of Vitamin C to help boost immune function, reduce inflammation and fight free radicals.

Potassium Rich Food: Potassium supports normal water balance in the body, aids in nerve conduction and muscle contraction.

Excellent source of Inulin Fiber a soluble fiber found in plants.

Inulin promotes bone health, immune function, digestive benefits- including promoting good bacteria growth.

Ideas for using Jicama

Excellent on its own, or with a hummus or vinaigrette.

Add it to your favorite salsa recipe.

Make BJC Salad

Add jicama matchsticks into lettuce wrapped sandwiches.

Add it to a stir-fry; its flesh stays crisp when cooked briefly.

What is your favorite way to eat jicama?


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