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Home Cooking: A Family Tradition Out of Reach?

A team of sociologists at North Carolina State University found that for low- and middle-income families in America, making a home-cooked meal is easier said than done.

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Do you need some quick and easy recipe ideas that the whole family will love?

Tammie has you covered with a collection of recipes to get you through the day and the week!

7 Breakfasts

7 Lunches

7 Dinners

7 Snacks

These recipes contain easy to find, or easy to replace ingredients. For example, if you don’t have or don’t like almond milk you can use coconut milk or just water in the smoothie recipes.

These recipes were designed and included because they will take only 30 minutes or less to prepare. Many ingredients or entire recipes can be prepped ahead of time, saving you even more time at each meal.

One response to “Home Cooking: A Family Tradition Out of Reach?”

  1. […] Current research found a connection between regular family dinners and children who are better able to manage their emotions and who can share their thoughts, feelings and opinions in appropriate ways. Long term benefits include better cognitive function. In fact, dinner conversation was shown to be an important factor in the vocabulary development of the child, even more so than reading a book. Children who participate in regular family meals, generally eat more fruits and veggies, have of obesity and and are more likely to make healthier choices when they are on their own. The greatest benefits are found when a family shares in at least 5 meals per week. That doesn’t just include dinner but you can also count breakfast and lunch. […]