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Dry Skin Brushing for a Healthier You

Dry skin brushing is an easy, low cost self-help method that will boost your health from the very first time you try it.   The process of dry skin brushing is not only a great way to maintain healthy skin but it also gives you the ability to maintain a healthier body.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body.  Your skin holds everything that is inside of you in.  It protects you, helps regulate your body temperature, and allows you to feel the sensation of touch. The skin is also one of your most important detox organs.  The ability for your skin to eliminate toxins is essential to your health.

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing:

Stimulates the skin and sets in motion natural healing pathways within your body.

Helps your skin breathe by removing dead skin cells and opening clogged pores allowing your skin to absorb more nutrients.

Stimulates the lymphatic system which carries toxins out of your body.

Increases circulation to the skin which eliminates toxins and stimulates nerves that promote healing.

Increases electromagnetic energy in the body helping you feel energized and invigorated.

Dry Skin Brushing Tips

Purchase a natural vegetable bristle brush, not a synthetic bristle brush.

A brush with a long handle will help you reach your back better.

Brushing should be done once a day with a dry brush on dry skin preferably in the morning.

Do not dry brush over cuts, wounds, rashes or sensitive areas and the skin on the face.

Brush strokes should move toward your heat.  Do not scrub the skin or brush in a back and forth motion.

It is normal for the skin to flush due to increased circulation. The skin should not be red or irritated, that indicates that you are using too much pressure.

Download a free simple Dry Skin Brushing Diagram here.

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