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Chlorophyll- Life from the Sun

Chlorophyll is the “life blood” of a plant and has the important role of absorbing sunlight and turning it into glucose, the energy that a plant needs to grow. Chlorophyll facilitates the process of photosynthesis, the waste product that comes from this process is oxygen- our life’s breath.

Hemoglobin, our own “life blood” and chlorophyll are practically the same chemical substance.  The only difference between the hemoglobin molecule and the chlorophyll molecule is one atom.  In plants the central atom in chlorophyll is magnesium and in our own blood the central atom is iron.

So why is that so special? Because the body has the ability to change that one atom and convert chlorophyll into hemoglobin.  That is so amazing! This means that by eating a plant rich diet, especially green plants, will essentially cleanse, flush and replenish our life’s blood supply.

It basically comes down to this:

Without the sun the plants wouldn’t be able to make oxygen for us to breath. Without breath there would be no life.

Without the sun the plants wouldn’t be able to produce chlorophyll and chlorophyll helps nourish our blood. Without nourished blood there is no life.

But chlorophyll does more.  Aside from the life sustaining importance of oxygen and the amazing cleansing benefits to our blood chlorophyll also helps us to neutralize the pollution that we breath in every day.  It stimulates our red blood cells and improves our oxygen supply and it helps eliminate free radicals that damage healthy cells.

Chlorophyll- Life from the Sun, just one more reason to eat lots of plants!

What plants are you eating today?


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