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10 Minutes to Health

Today’s lifestyle doesn’t allow much room for healthy habits. This is where “Ten-Minutes-a-Day-to-Better-Health” comes in. In my years of helping people change their lifestyle habits, I have come to learn that it’s impossible for people to make dramatic lifestyle changes that last unless they make changes through small baby steps, that take just minutes will eventually build habits that help create health.

What can 10 minutes do?

By working on the right things and with the right attitude you can dramatically improve your health. To implement the “Ten-Minutes-a-Day-to-Better-Health” you start with three things:

1. Attitude.

Develop a positive wellness attitude. The attitude must come first. A Well-trained mind working with an understanding of the steps to create wellness can achieve amazing results. So, first things first, before you start to worry about eating right and exercising, you must get your head screwed on straight.

2. Choice.

Make a wellness choice. You will have at least ten opportunities per day to make either a healthy choice or an unhealthy choice. This is where the ten minutes a day come in. Use that minute to make a healthy choice. Many clients tell me they don’t have time to exercise, meditate or eat well. It’s not a problem with time; it’s a problem with choice. You will have plenty of time when you make the right choice. You can choose to exercise instead of watching a TV program. You can choose to order a salad instead of a Big Mac. You can choose to meditate instead of scrolling through social media. You can choose to drink bottled water instead of a Coke.

3. Discipline.

Have the discipline to stay the course when you are challenged. Developing wellness habits that are lasting will come easy when you have the discipline and determination to stick with your new wellness choices one at a time, one minute at a time.

What can you do to improve your health in just 10 minutes?

One response to “10 Minutes to Health”

  1. Deborah says:

    Meditation/Prayer and having a grateful heart by taking the time to notice and acknowledge all the blessings and good in our lives.