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Why Supplements?

It’s no secret that because of our modern farming methods, much of our meat and produce is nutritionally flawed. For example, when we think of foods rich in Vitamin C, we often think of oranges. But did you know that cabbage used to be one of the highest sources of Vitamin C? Sadly, today cabbage has almost none! Carrots used to be super high in protein, but now they have very little if any at all! This is a serious problem for our nutrition!

Here’s another disturbing piece of news – ALL commercially grown fruits and vegetables have pesticide and herbicide residues, which increase the nutrient demand of the body because of toxicity. A lot of research has linked pesticides to various cancers. Most of the meat we consume is full of antibiotics and steroid hormones, which also deplete important nutrients from the body! Okay, so fruits and veggies and meats are all affected! What else is there? Water?! Nope! Tap water contains chlorine and other chemicals to kill bacteria – which is GREAT! Who wants bacteria in their water, right? Well, the chemicals themselves deplete nutrients in our bodies as well and cause serious health concerns. And fast food…..well, that,s a no-brainer! Filled with chemicals, additives, dyes, food-like substances, etc….

So, if the foods we eat actually cause our bodies to demand more nutrients, but the foods we eat actually deplete nutrients – what are we to do?!?!

Supplement. Supplement. Supplement.

Not all of us can plant, grow and harvest all of our own food. Not all of us can buy organic produce and natural, grass fed beef. But we CAN supplement with vitamins. Get those nutrients that your body is lacking and FEEL the benefits!

One last thing – and yet MOST important – not ALL supplements are created equal. This is a critical piece of information that you MUST be aware of. Let me share with you what I know about the quality of supplements.

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