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What’s Your Combination?

Every time I see a combination lock I have flashbacks to junior high. I was so nervous the first day that I forgot how to operate my combination lock. I remembered the numbers but didn’t remember the order they were in and I couldn’t remember if it was turn once to the right, then to the left and then immediately back to the right or whether I had to go around twice on that last pass. It was frustrating and embarrassing so I just gave up and went to class with the wrong books. “Close” only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, not when it comes to opening a lock.

Trying to regain your health after you’ve lost it operates on a similar principle. Abundant health and vitality are like a great treasure that is all locked up. Getting access to that healing requires that we figure out the unique combination of behaviors and treatments that will open the lock.

Your body is an amazing healing organism. We take it for granted when we get a cut or a virus that with a little time, we’re going to be good as new. But for more complex or serious illnesses, the healing often doesn’t just happen.

I would say that for 90% of my patients, I am the 4th or 5th doctor they have seen for their condition. In other words, watchful waiting didn’t work, over-the-counter drugs didn’t work, the drugs their family doctor prescribed didn’t work, the specialists treatments didn’t work and now they are sitting in my office feeling just like I did in that hallway at Junior High, frustrated, discouraged and wanting to give up.

Case in point, just today I was speaking with a patient who had been working with me for just a short time. She was a young girl who had chronic bowel and digestive issues that hadn’t resolved with a myriad of treatments. She drives over 3 hours round trip to come to the office.

When we started her care, we discussed how the body was a tightly controlled, inter-connected organism and that when one or two systems are out of balance, it can make the other systems topple like a line of dominoes. We discussed the 7 Key Systems and how we would assess and address each of these through lifestyle, supplementation and chiropractic.

What was interesting was that for one reason or another, she elected to only start working on her lifestyle and nutritional support. She immediately noticed some improvement but within a week or so she hit a plateau where the improvements stopped. I reminded her of the fact that we were leaving out a key aspect of her care – chiropractic adjustments. She decided to add that in to her care plan and wouldn’t you know it, within the first few adjustments, she is back on track and her systems are continuing to heal.

I often hear people say, “I’ve tried chiropractic and it didn’t work”, or some will say, “I did a gluten-free diet and I didn’t feel any better”. We’re so brainwashed by medical drug commercials to think that there is a single “silver bullet” that is going to cure us that we don’t think about the synergy of “combination therapy”. Utilizing chiropractic, targeted supplementation, dietary change, red-light therapy, laser, detox, and more.

Every-body is different so that means every plan for healing is in a specific combination, based on the individuals specific needs. This approach is light-years more powerful than any one of these things on their own.

If you are frustrated and discouraged, don’t give up. Let us help you figure out the combination to unlock your healing!

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