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Watch Out For These S.N.A.C.C.s If You Want Vibrant Health

On Old Olympus’ Towering Tops, A Finn and German Viewed Some Hops. I love acronyms and mnemonic devices because they help me remember information easily. These fun memory joggers helped me make it through Chiropractic school as I tried to memorize anatomy. (The first sentence is the mnemonic for the 12 Cranial nerves, just in case you were wondering).

Well at this time of year, we are all about the process of cleansing and detoxification so I thought I’d share another nifty acronym that can help you remember what NOT to put into your body if you want to keep it clean. Remember we want you to find healthy snacks and not dangerous S.N.A.C.C.s

The S.N.A.C.C.s

S = Sugar. Undoubtedly the most widely used and abused toxin in our western world is the delicious and ubiquitous white crystal called refined sugar. Are you addicted? Easiest way to find out is to try to go off of all sugar and sweeteners for 10 days.

N = Nicotine. You’d have to have been living under a rock for 20 years not to know how devastating the chemicals in tobacco are to the body. If you are a smoker. It’s time to make a serious plan to quit and we have great ways to help you succeed.

A = Alcohol. I know on occasion, reports show up in the literature about the benefits of antioxidant rich red wine but even that is a double edged sword. Alcohol stresses the liver and creates a breeding ground for harmful yeasts and fungal overgrowth in the bowel and generally leads to toxicity in our cells.

C= Caffeine. Another major addiction created by our fast-paced world. When we rely on stimulants to keep our energy up, it creates a major stress on our adrenal glands and our entire hormonal system.

C= Chemicals. We are surrounded by tons and tons of man-made chemicals that gunk up our cells, slow down our metabolism and cause accelerated aging and degenerative disease. It is very hard for our liver, skin, gut, lungs and kidneys to detoxify this sludge that is built up over the years. In fact it is a life-long process so why don’t we all try to reduce the amount of toxins we are exposed to? One often overlooked source of dangerous chemicals is in our household cleaners and skin care products.

Take a few minutes today to read the ingredient list of your makeup, lotions, hair and other skin care products and make it a project to replace them with less toxic alternatives. Review the safe and natural cleaners and household products at the natural section of your grocery store and make a plan to replace your old stuff as you run out of it.

If you need help with this “clean up” process, just let us know. We’d love to hear your success stories of how you have removed any or all of the SNACCs mentioned above.

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