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The Simple 7 Lifestyle

Americans are getting sicker and sicker each year and our current health care system doesn’t seem to have an answer to the rising number of chronic diseases we are experiencing.

It is clear that if we are to dig our way out of the mess we’re in, we’re going to need to rebuild a better health care system than the one we have. We need an entire system built on the foundation of health, not sickness. A system built on the empowerment of patients, not corporations. A system that is simple and efficient and one that rewards and incentivizes behaviors that create health.

We won’t find the answer to our chronic health problems in some exciting new health discovery from the depths of the Amazon jungle or the heights of the Himalayas. Instead, the answer will be found by returning to the basic building blocks of health – diet, breath, sleep, movement, play, loving relationships, and optimism.

Of course, we need competent physicians and nurses to do what they do best, but no amount of high-tech intervention will solve our problems without a foundation of lifestyle medicine.

In The Simple 7 Lifestyle, you’ll learn a straightforward and sustainable approach to building wellness habits that will transform your health and your life. We wrote The Simple 7 Lifestyle with the express purpose of giving you practical tools that you can implement almost immediately. We hope you use the Simple 7 Lifestyle habits to transform your life!

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