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The Orchestra of the Body

Your brain and nervous system is the conductor that orchestrates the workings of your entire body.

When you have clear communication between your brain and all the pieces of the orchestra that make up your body; the beautiful music we know as “life” is produced! Magnificent!

However, every once in a while, you may find that one instrument in the orchestra isn’t playing it’s part correctly….maybe it’s the tuba player.

Perhaps the tuba player could be the thyroid, or the gall bladder, or the stomach, lower back, neck or immune system. That tuba player might not even be able to see the conductor or even hear what the rest of the orchestra is playing!

When that happens – one of two things occur. Sometimes that tuba player just sits quietly along the back row and plays as little as possible and sometimes does nothing at all. (gasp!) Other times, the tuba player goes overboard with complicated scales and plays completely out of sync with the rest of the orchestra! (oh no!)

The typical medical approach would be to surgically remove the tuba player (yikes!) or chemically suppress the off-key notes.

Here’s the chiropractic approach: let’s restore the connection between the tuba player and the conductor. This means locating and correcting the interference to the controlling commands that travel over the nervous system…..

Voila! The orchestra sounds beautiful again!

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