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Small Steps = Big Results

The idea that good health can come in little tidbits is nothing new, right?

But did you know that it may be easier than you thought? Sometimes its as simple as walking! A study in the Women’s Journal of Health showed that walking ‘briskly’ for 30 minutes per day can prevent weight gain and encourage moderate weight loss and combat the effects of a sedentary lifestyle (or sitting in the office all day long)! Just a quick walk around the block at lunch time can yield some good results!

What if you are SO busy that one entire half an hour is not possible during your hectic day? The same study also found that three, brisk 10-minute walks per day were as effective as the 30 minute walk per day in decreasing risk factors for cardiovascular disease! (C’mon! You can do 10 minutes three times a day!)

Just the act of going from sedentary to moderately active gives you the GREATEST reduction in your risks.

This news tells me that small things can make a big difference in achieving your health goals and over time can change your life and the way you feel.

The principle of small changes making a big difference apply in other areas of your life.

Here are some other small things to try that can have big results:

In the Morning:

Spend 3-5 minutes in prayer/meditation.

When Eating:

Practice mindfulness. Just eat, and pay attention to the colors, flavors and textures of your food. Slow down and chew and enjoy every bite without being distracted by other things.

In Your Mind:

Replacing a negative thought with a positive, uplifting one

In Your Relationships:

Connect daily with those you love. Use phone, text, social media or “snail mail” to send your love.

In Your Communications with Others:

Giving more praise than criticism

In the Evening:

Spend 3-5 minutes recording gratitude for the day.

Any time you want to make a change, it’s the baby steps that matter. Making small changes gives you the motivation to make bigger ones. Try it and see!

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