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Professional Supplements

Getting access to the top-of-the-line, professional-grade nutritional supplements and herbal formulas has never been easier!

You’ll love the convenience of being able to re-order right from your computer or phone and have your product delivered within a few short days.

No more guessing what you should be taking and whether or not the pills you are taking are actually doing any good.



eBooks and Programs

Fermented Food eBook

Fermented Foods ebook cover

This book contains 12 Fermented Food recipes and step by step details that make the fermentation process simple. There are tips and suggestions on making these foods part of your everyday meals. This book makes the fermentation process something that anyone can do! Use these recipes as a foundation and then let your imagination go as you create your own fermented creations.


Spice It Up eBook

spice it up ebook cover

Spices and Herbs have been used in foods since the beginning of time. Different cultures and traditions have traditional foods that are recognized by distinct and different flavors because of herbs and spices. This book contains 18 spice blend recipes with ideas and suggestions on how to incorporate those mixes into your meals along with 14 additional recipes.


Real Food Fast eBook


With a little bit of thought and some planning, you can create a nutritious meal in just minutes. These are 16 of my favorite, simple, and deliciously fabulous, breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. Include your family in meal preparation as one of the best ways to teach a lifelong, lifesaving skill and build wonderful memories all at the same time.

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Holidays From Scratch eBook


Food is often the centerpiece of holiday celebrations. We’ve created this special eBook with over 40 amazing recipes that are not only delicious and nutritious but are sure to help create wonderful memories with your guests.

Every recipe is gluten-free and there are many dairy-free, vegetarian and paleo options as well.


Spring Celebrations eBook


Get busy in the kitchen this spring with these delicious spring recipes featuring: asparagus, strawberries, apricots, grapefruit, rhubarb, carrots, beets, broccoli, green peas and assorted greens.

Every recipe is gluten-free and there are many dairy-free, vegetarian and paleo options as well.


Products & Companies We Love

Personal Infrared Sauna

synergy-sauna (1)

Synergy Science

The health benefits of infrared sauna are well documented.

Many people want to access these benefits at home but don’t have the space required for large wood saunas.

Now we have access to a high-quality, a portable sauna that can be used and then stored away between sessions.


Echo2 Hydrogen Water

Synergy Science

Second to air only, water is most crucial to our existence. Sadly, we do not always have the best water available at our fingertips. It needs to be clean, pure, and hydrating. Our hydrogen water machines purify and clean your water so that you can have clean drinking water with molecular hydrogen for better health

Molecular hydrogen is a potent antioxidant and has been shown to positively effect over 150 disease states in the body.


Blue Blocker Glasses

Viva Rays

The type, amount, timing, and quality of the light that our eyes are exposed to make a profound impact on our overall health.

Artificial lighting can over stimulate our brains and disrupt our normal circadian rhythms.

Using blue-light blocking glasses can help to mitigate this stress.


Air Purification

unit (1)

Air Doctor

AIR Doctor is the first affordable air PURIFIER that not only removes almost 100% of particles but also the vast majority of toxic ozone, volatile organic chemicals and gases.

Air Doctor’s Auto-Mode uses a professional-grade air quality sensor to assess the air quality in the room and immediately adjust to the correct level of filtration.


Skin Care


Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques

Makeup should not hurt, it should heal. LaurenBrooke cosmetics and skin care products not only lack harmful chemicals, they promote health and vitality, with food-grade, organic ingredients that nourish you through your skin.

Want to give it a try? Purchase a sample and try some today and feel the difference of Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques!

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