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Nourishing body and soul with water

Of all the childhood memories that I have some of my fondest involve water.  Swimming for countless hours in my Grandparents pool, boating on the lake, floating down the river on an inner tube or simply running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day.

Water, second only to air, is our body’s most vital substance.  Water is also the reason for life on this planet.  Water in all its forms is all around us.  From the water we swim in and drink to the steam that cooks our veggies and eases our congestion or the ice that cools a refreshing drink or aids in reducing swelling.

Water actually makes up 75 percent of who we are, every cell and tissue and organ and influences all of the functions of our body. Not only does water nourish our body and allow it to function properly, you could also say that water can be used to nourish our soul.

Water soothes and calms the soul.  The body and soul both crave water for wellness and healing.  Water cleanses us, helps us feel calm, and offers us clarity.

Even though water is so vital to our survival it is probably one thing that many of us take for granted.  Many of us are dehydrated which not only breaks down the proper functioning of our body it also has been shown to have a negative impact on our mood.  We shower in it without realizing that it is doing more than just helping us stay clean.  We may even curse it when it falls from the sky in the form of rain or snow.

Water is such a powerful element.  It can carve rock into mountains with the help of patience and time, it can heal the sun-dried earth and allow life to grow again.  It offers our body a way to release toxins as we sweat and it gives us a way to release pain through the tears that we cry.

Our soul knows that water is healing.  If we were asked to imagine a place that brings us peace or relaxation many of us would think of a place that has some sort of water.  It could be relaxing on a beach and listening to the waves gently lap at the shore.  It could be soaking in a hot bath or floating on a beautiful freshwater lake.  It could also be the sound of rain gently falling on the rooftop as you are lulled into a peaceful sleep.  We somehow innately know that the sound of water can improve our mood.  But just as the sound of a babbling brook a gentle rainstorm and the rhythm of the ocean waves can calm and soothe us it can also help us be more productive.

So whether you are seeking a sense of calm and peace or clarity and concentration you will find it with water.

4 Ways that water can nourish your soul:

Play in the rain.  The next time it rains go outside and play.  Smell the freshness in the air, connect with the sounds of nature.  Look up and let the rain fall on your face.  Allow it to wash all those big grown up worries away.  Then dance, twirl and jump in the puddles and laugh like you did when you were a child.  (you can even play in the snow and if it’s summer and there’s no rain, make your own, turn on the sprinklers!)

Go for a swim.  Feel the peace that comes as you allow your body to sink into the water, feel the weightlessness of your body.  Float on the water and allow it to hold you up, surround you and wash away your worries.  Stroke your arms and kick your legs as you glide through the water.  Swimming offers a less stressful way to move your joints and build your muscles.

Take a bath.  Nothing is better than a nice hot bath after a long and stressful day.  Soaking in a bath with some healing bath salts and essential oils can help you increase blood and lymph circulation, reduce stress and fight off mental fatigue.  Allow the water to clean out the negative emotions, thoughts and feeling that you may be having and think of letting them go and allow the water to wash them down the drain.

Listen to the sound of water.  Nature sounds and especially the sound of water are very powerful sounds that create a calming, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.  These sounds will help you feel more clarity of thought, relax you into deeper and longer periods of sleep and relieve anxiety and stress.  There are many water sounds recordings available online but one of my favorites is a free online site where you can create your own peasant and subtle noise environment. Check it out today at

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