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No Mistakes

Have you ever forgotten the name of someone when making an introduction? Embarrassing!

How about saying one thing, but meaning something totally different? Ooops!

These are functions of our conscious mind. We can get self help books to help improve our memory, increase our vocabulary or sharpen our mental acuity. These books help because our conscious mind is prone to making mistakes. Sometimes, a lot of mistakes!

But there isn’t a book filled with tips about how to improve your heart’s response to adrenalin – or how to enhance your lung’s ability to oxygenate blood! Why not? That’s easy. Because these are just TWO examples of MILLIONS of functions that your body controls and regulates without a single conscious thought from you. PRETTY AMAZING, RIGHT?

Your body is programmed to survive. EVERY sign, EVERY symptom that we traditionally think of as an illness, is merely your body’s attempt to keep itself alive. No errors. Zero mistakes.

When your body feels threatened, it responds in many ways to get your attention. To encourage you to CHANGE. To TEACH a lesson. To TELL you it’s capacity to accommodate or adapt to stress has been EXHAUSTED. It says, “I’M DONE!”

This is an amazing concept. All of this is controlled and regulated by your central nervous system. And who gets to take care of your central nervous system? Your chiropractor of course!



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