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May cause dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches……

Everyone knows that many pharmaceutical drugs have side effects. Strangely, it’s something that our culture has come to accept. We’ve all seen the commercials for these wonder drugs and at the end of the commercial there is a list of about 20 possible side effects. “May cause dizziness, shortness of breath, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, cramping, headaches, loss of appetite, eczema, blurred vision “….are you kidding me?!

And the side effects are not really side effects but rather the effects of the chemicals in the drugs! They are considered what must be ‘risked’ or ‘tolerated’ for the desired effect of the drug. You’ll get relief from this one health issue, as long as you’re willing to put up with these 10 other things. Huh?

Good news!

Chiropractic care doesn’t have side effects! Just side ‘benefits‘, if you will. Patients come into our office with a specific concern and once the initial healing phase of care is complete, many patients notice relief in other areas of their life as well. Here’s just a few of their findings:

1. Sleep better

2. More energy

3. Relief from other aches and pains

4. Improved digestion and elimination

5. Greater clarity of thought

6. Improved outlook and attitude

7. Fewer colds and improved immune function

8. Greater stamina

9. Decreased need for some medications

10. Better overall health

Now those are some side effects that we could all use !!!!

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