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Health is No Accident!

When we get sick and tired of our aches and pains, it’s tempting to look for someone or something else to blame, isn’t it?

Here are the most convenient culprits:

  • Bad luck – I always have accidents and hurt myself; I’m always in the wrong place at the wrong time!
  • Germs – Blaming a cold or flu on germs overlooks one critical element: you are being a hospitable host!
  • Genetics – This is the latest and greatest. However, research shows that gene expression is often a reaction to our environment.

Thankfully, we live in a world of cause and effect. Every symptom has a cause. And as tempting as it is to look to outside causes, many of our health problems are a result of OUR choices, beliefs and habits! And sadly, the effects can sometimes take decades to disappear!

Poor health is NOT an accident – but is a result of your body’s inability to accommodate physical, chemical and emotional stress. Similarly, good health results when your body works the way it was designed to!!!

Create a healthy habit. Try it for at least 2 weeks. Maybe try drinking more water, eating more vegetables, or 10 minutes of exercise a day.

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