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We often have people ask for resources so that they can learn more about what we know. We want to share some of our favorite books on healthful living.

Sorting through the vast availability of information about health can be a daunting task. Especially when that information at times contradicts itself. Therefore, it is our responsibility to learn, to question and decide for ourselves what is best for us.

Over the past two decades we have been sponges for information about health and taking care of our bodies so that we can live up to our fullest potential. During all this time of learning we have discovered that every-body is different and that every-body must be cared for in an individualized way. The tricky part is figuring that out for yourself.

The best way to figure it out is to do a lot of reading and a lot of evaluation. When something resonates with you try it and document how it affects you by asking questions. Each question should focus on how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Here are some examples:

Do I have body aches or have they gone away?
Do I experience digestive problems or has my digestion improved?
Has my energy improved or do I feel more tired?
Can I think more clearly or am I experiencing brain fog?
Do I feel more peace or am I irritable?

The biggest thing we have learned is that nutrition and lifestyle habits must be individualized. By gaining an understanding of the importance of a nutrient dense diet, proper hydration, sleep, movement, the power of thoughts, creating positive relationships and taking time for fun, we can create lifestyle habits that nourish not only our body but also our soul.

We have created four categories highlighting just a few of our favorite books as part of a recommended reading list. We highlighted these specific books because they are full of healthful education and practical application.

Books on Health

Books about Food

Books on Lifestyle

Favorite Cookbooks

It’s time to get out your library card or follow the links to Amazon and spend some time in a good book.

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