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EP 32: The Power of Conscious Breath

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Episode Transcript

Hello friends!

Tammie and I have been focusing a lot of energy on the lifestyle habit of conscious breathwork over the past several weeks. We covered lots of information about the power of breath back in episode 5 as well so go check that out if you want more information. Recently we met a local breathwork coach who trained us in a specific form of breath practice called SKY Breath. 

And so I’m delighted to have with me today Sunita Yalamarty, who is our breathwork coach. I am looking forward to this conversation.

She’s very passionate about empowering people and helping people live their best life. And so obviously she’s going to resonate really well with me.

We often think that improving our health has to be super complex but I’m trying to teach my patients that there is great power in doing really basic things with intention and with focus.

Enjoy today’s episode.

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