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EP 18 – 7 Drivers of Broken Brains

Within the last 10 years, we have begun to understand more about the brain than all the past centuries combined.

The human brain weighs a modest three pounds and has an energy consumption equivalent to a lowly 15-watt electric lightbulb. But it also comprises 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) and boasts amazingly complex hard-wiring 1 trillion neuronal connections. For every neuron, there are 4 supportive cells called “glial” cells which we used to think were only there to support of the neurons but we now know are basically the brain’s immune system.

The Brain’s design and functioning are a biological masterpiece as well as the source of our mind and identity. Brain research is genuinely a quest to find ourselves. 

There really isn’t anything more important to us than our consciousness and our cognition. Yet most of us have little understanding of what keeps our brain healthy and what we can do to prevent its injury and premature degeneration.

Last episode we talked about the general state of affairs in western civilization as it pertains to brain health and I promised that we’d take this discussion a little deeper. Today, I want to outline what I call the 7 Drivers of Broken Brains – the 7 interrelated causes that lie at the root of most mental health and neurological issues that plague society.



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