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Do You Trust Yourself?

Do you trust that you have the power inside of yourself to be well?

You should, because you do!

Your innate intelligence, some people call it “your conscience” or “intuition” or “spirit,” knows what is best for your body. It knows how to best live in your body, and it knows how to be well.

Do you trust your innate intelligence?

We’ve all had thoughts or impressions about our health or our habits. The following thoughts may sound familiar:

  • Does my body need a rest? Maybe? Have I been working extra hard?
  • Do I feel hungry? Maybe? Could I just be bored, tired, or even thirsty?
  • Do I need to make changes in my food choices? Maybe? Does the food I eat to fuel my body or simply my cravings?

The answer to these questions could be yes, or they could be no, but we need to ask the questions to figure out the solutions.

The best place to start is by listening to that inner voice when it speaks! Your instincts, your conscience, your spirit – whatever you want to call it – will guide you if you listen!

With Knowledge and Trust Comes a Relationship

Developing a relationship with your innate intelligence comes from learning to dialogue with it. Not the weird ‘talking-to-yourself-in-public-places’ kind of dialogue.

But, the introspective ‘I-want-to-learn-more-about-me’ kind of dialogue. Have you ever considered looking inside yourself and focusing on the part of your body or ailment that concerns you and asking some questions?

  • What purpose do you serve in my life?
  • Is there something I could do to not do to make things better?

This may take a little imagination to ask specific body parts questions, but it can be a very powerful exercise. Often when we are persistent and willing to hear the answer the body will speak and tell us how we can help it feel better.

Often we don’t like the answer because it requires us to make difficult changes or the process seems too slow or tedious.

As we learn to accept an illness, challenge, or physical limitation we put ourselves in a position to listen to how we can help make it manageable, a blessing, or even a way to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of God’s most incredible creation. . .YOU!

After Acceptance Comes Change

Instead of focusing on what you do not have, what is not working, or even what could be better, when you start to focus on what you DO have, that’s when things begin to change.

One thing that you always have is the power to change.

You can change a mindset of worry, fear, or blame to one of hope, gratitude, and love.

You can change lifestyle habits that may have caused your health to deteriorate by improving or adopting practices that will bring years of health, happiness and, an amazing sense of peace and well-being!

You CAN trust yourself. Listen to that inner voice. You know what you need to do.



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