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Cruising Altitude

When the weather takes a turn towards the colder temperatures, I often dream of boarding a plane bound for someplace warm and tropical. I imagine sitting on the plane, preparing for take-off……down the runway….faster….faster….and then we’re up, up and away!

Have you ever thought about how much speed is necessary to produce lift in an airplane? It requires an enormous expenditure of energy! Think about it – large quantities of fuel are burned during the first twenty minutes of your flight, when your pilot is guiding the plane in its initial ascent. Once the proper ‘cruising altitude‘ is reached, it hardly takes any fuel at all to maintain the proper cruising speed.

Hmmmm……just like chiropractic care!!

Right at the beginning of your Care Plan, a lot of energy is used. Your visits to our office are frequent. This is because the goal is to create sufficient momentum to reverse the unhealthy spinal patterns that caused you to come to our office in the first place. Then, as your symptoms subside, it usually takes fewer visits to maintain the process as we continue to retrain the spine for more lasting change.

So here’s my opinion…

Conserve your energy! Stay well with regular chiropractic adjustments so that you don’t have to keep burning too much fuel (energy) getting well!

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