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Can You Put a Price on Your Health?

We’ve all experienced this first hand, or know someone who has:

You don’t realize how great it is to feel great – until YOU DON’T!

It’s hard to put a price tag on something as important as your health, but we all do it. The choices we make and the priorities we set are all good indicators of where our health fits on our list of “Things That Are Important To Me”.

It is VERY common for other things to take precedence over your health. It’s sort of human nature, you might say. We have jobs to go to, children to raise, community responsibilities, house repairs, shuttling kids to and from activities, yard work, relationships to build, bills to pay and the list goes on and on. But, here’s a question for you:

How much more effective would you be if your health was better? Would you perform better at your job? Would you be happier and more patient with your children? Would you have more energy to work in your yard? Would you have the energy to work on those relationships that you’ve been too tired to give your time and attention to? Think about it. When you FEEL better, you can DO better.

So here’s the moral of the story: You can’t put a price on your health. It’s worth more than most of us understand. So my challenge to you is to get yourself on the path to wellness right now and start DOING better because you FEEL better! (And my office is a great place to start, by the way .) I’m just sayin’……

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