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When we get a headache what do we usually do? Numb it.
If our gall bladder is malfunctioning, what do we do? Remove it.
If we have a sore throat, what’s the usual remedy? Soothe it.

Pain is a problem, right? WRONG!    Pain is the effect, not the cause.

Our bodies are miraculous, self-healing, self-regulating organisms – and IF we’ll listen, it will warn us when things are amiss. First, it may start with just a little whisper. Then the serious warning becomes a bit louder. And finally – our body is SHOUTING to us, “Hey! Something is wrong here!”

And then the choice is ours to make. We can:
1) Address the underlying cause (fix) or
2) Suppress the warning sign (patch)

I don’t know about you, but when something isn’t working properly, I like to figure out a solution. A quick fix for something is only good for the short term. My goal is to help people find solutions, not band-aids.

Which would you prefer?

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