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Are you just a Mechanism?

In school we all learned that the human body was divided into different parts. While this is true, it has contributed to the widely held and incorrect belief that you and I are merely a collection of parts.

Isolation: This is the incorrect thinking that suggests that organs and tissues operate independently of each other rather than together as part of an integrated whole.

Mechanism: This is the belief that we’re simply a collection of parts in which identical inputs (drugs) should produce identical results in all subjects. Well – we all know THAT isn’t true, don’t we?!

As a chiropractor, I go beyond mechanism to embrace what is called Vitalism:

Wholism: Each ‘part’ has a purpose that contributes to the whole.

Intelligence: You and I can learn, create, and adapt to our environment.

Self-healing: Cut your finger and your body can heal it. Mechanisms can’t.

Because the nervous system regulates these vital processes, chiropractic care is the centerpiece of the growing interest in vitalism.

What are you doing to embrace vitalism in your life?


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