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Aaah – Aaah Choo!

Sinusitis simply means your sinuses are inflamed or infected.  Sinusitis is characterized by sneezing, runny nose and headaches.  It doesn’t sound too serious, but for the people who suffer from sinusitis it can be quite terrible.   Experts estimate that nearly 37 million people suffer from sinusitis.

Americans spend millions of dollars each year on nasal sprays, decongestants and pain killers that do little to nothing for the condition.  These medications are designed for the symptoms, not the cause, and can become addictive.  The most common treatment includes nasal sprays.  Side effects of nasal sprays can include: sneezing, nasal congestion, menstrual changes, excessive hair growth, nose bleeds and even overdose.

So what do we do?  The chiropractic journal, ICA Review, stated that, “Patients frequently attest to the rapid improvement in upper respiratory symptoms following adjustment of the vertebral subluxations.  Children who are afflicted with frequent bouts of any of the upper respiratory disorders should be carefully checked for evidence of cervical (the nerves in the neck) subluxation.”  Chiropractic adjustments have long been considered a valued alternative for sinusitis and other upper respiratory conditions.  There is good reason for this favorable responseThe nerves in the upper part of the neck are associated with the eyes, ears, nose, throat and sinuses.  Interference to these nerves lowers the resistance to these organs and tissues making them susceptible to disease and infection.

So when we can address the problem of nerve interference with A the sinusitis symptoms are greatly reduced and often disappear completely! If you suffer from sinusitis, then you know that getting rid of this problem once and for all could be life changing!



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