Is your wellness wheel balanced?

A healthy lifestyle requires balanced effort in 7 critical areas. We call them the "Simple 7 Pillars". Take this short quiz to get a snapshot of how you're doing.

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The Simple 7 Strategies are the key elements to a healthy lifestyle, how we apply them will determine our expression of health. They are habits that will create an environment for healing and health to thrive in your life.

Although it is not possible to be perfect in all seven of these areas every day, research continues to show, that even small incremental improvements make a big difference in our health. We can self-evaluate and find our weakest area and focus on that first. As we get better in that area we can shift attention to the next in line.

Begin by performing a self-evaluation.

This exercise will help you see how well you are implementing the 7 Pillars of Wellness in your life and help you recognize which pillars need your attention. With that awareness, you will be able to set goals and make a correction to create new habits that will help make these habits stronger.

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