Health Coaching


Imagine if there was a simple, elegant solution to the biggest challenges facing healthcare; chronic disease, escalating costs, care access and affordability, physician burnout, loneliness, and mental health…

We believe that there is!

The simple solution is COMMUNITY


The BeWell Community

In a recent study by the prestigious Cleveland Clinic, researchers found that functional medicine-based group health coaching visits were able to improve patient outcomes significantly quicker and for less cost than the traditional medical model of 1-1 visits.

While this landmark study is an important proof, I think that we all know intuitively that we tend to accomplish more when we have other people who are cheering us on and supporting us along our journey.

By integrating holistic health education to expand your awareness with coaching in a group setting, the BE WELL Community membership is literally on the cutting edge of healthcare.

By engaging in this powerful community of your fellow health-minded peers, you’ll certainly be empowered to make positive decisions regarding diet and lifestyle and become advocates for health within your homes.

Master Coaches

Working with Dr. Jerry and Tammie, you’re getting access to some of the most highly trained coaches available. With over 30 years of personal experience in the wellness community and multiple top-tier certifications. 

What's Included in the Community?

Online Education Portal

Over 30 hours of life-altering video content, guides, worksheets, and action plans.

This content focuses on our Simple 7 Lifestyle habits (Think Well, Sleep Well, Breathe Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Love Well, and Play Well) because we believe that the quality of our habits creates the quality of our health and life.

We teach concepts and principles and give you actionable ideas and information to help you create, implement, and improve these habits.

Live Group Coaching Sessions

This is a place to get personal questions answered, learn from the successes and even the challenges of others, and contribute to the success of others.

The live group coaching sessions are held online two times a month on the first Thursday at 12:00 PM (MST) and 3rd Thursday at 7:00 PM (MST) 30-60 minute session based on the needs of those attending.

Cooking Demos and Healthy Recipes

Does the idea of cooking from scratch make you feel overwhelmed? Or are you just feeling a bit stuck in your meal routines? Have no fear, Tammie is here to help you!

Our online membership site contains several “kitchen class” videos. In these classes, Tammie offers many time-saving, tips along with basic cooking techniques to simplify cooking at home.

She’s also created and included theme-based menu ideas and many other recipes to keep your diet fresh and exciting!

She has even included options for those of you on special healing diets like Autoimmune Paleo, SIBO/Low FODMAP, and Paleo Template.

Weekly Transformation Tips

Each Tuesday you’ll receive our Transformation Tuesday email that will include a 5-10 minute coaching video with specific Transformation Tips to keep you moving forward.

Early-bird Access to Live Events

Our Be Well Community members will get early bird pricing and priority access to in person or online events. Watch for notifications and emails inside the community.

Shout-outs from the Community

Here's The Inconvenient Truth

Let’s face it. Nothing changes if you don’t make a change. But if you’ve tried in the past and failed, we’re here to tell you that it’s not your fault…

Most of us have tried to make changes on our own, but by so doing, we’ve left out one of the most crucial ingredients for lasting life improvement – support and accountability!

The BE WELL Community is a space for:

Let’s All Rise Together!

BeWell Community FAQs

A – YES! We want to encourage as many members to join us during the LIVE session. That way, you get as much support as possible. You can ask questions and get answers to your questions so you don’t feel isolated or fall through the cracks. We encourage you to make this time a priority and add it to your schedule.
A – YES! We are committed to making this a safe and supportive environment for vulnerability but also realize that some folks won’t be ready for that. Not a problem. You can submit questions ahead of time, leave your video camera off during the coaching session, and even change your name on the session if you wish Can you give me personal treatment advice?
A – NOPE. Since this is a group health coaching program, we need to steer clear of any personalized medical advice. We’ll give general coaching advice and make sure that you have the correct information to consult with any health provider on your team.

A – Community members will have priority standing to join our Functional Wellness membership where we can work 1-1 to solve more complex health issues. Information about our personalized wellness care can be found under the Functional Medicine tab on this site. The process starts with a FREE Health Strategy Session to make sure that we’re a good fit. Click the Book a Consult button at the top of the page to request a free 15-minute session.

A – We realize that most of our health challenges and lifestyle habits will take a while to work through, even with the support of the group. We recommend that members engage with the community for at least 12 months, but we commit to ensuring that we provide so much value that you’ll continue to benefit well beyond the initial year.
A – We want to make sure that everyone is getting what they are looking for in the community. Our cancelation policy is simple to understand. If you would like to cancel your recurring monthly or annual membership in the program, you must provide us with at least 24 hours advance written notice by emailing before your monthly recurring charge or annual renewal date. Cancellations will be effective at the end date of the current billing term. You will continue to have access to the materials and content of the program until the end of the then-current billing term. You will not be able to log in to the Be Well Community once the billing term has expired. You will not be issued a prorated refund for any remaining days or months in the event you cancel in the middle of a payment cycle.