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Unfortunately many people suffer from chronic health problems that decrease their quality of life, but are told that “everything looks fine” and that their labs are all within the “normal range.”

While conventional methods alone may be adequate for late stage disease management and emergencies, there is little focus on what you can do to improve your health, prevent disease, and reverse the conditions you already have.

You deserve more than a 10-minute doctor visit and a prescription. You deserve comprehensive, holistic care to uncover and heal the underlying causes of your health concerns.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine takes a holistic approach to restoring and maintaining vibrant health – seeking to understand and resolve chronic symptoms from the inside out, rather than merely masking signs and symptoms with expensive prescription meds. 

This scientifically-backed approach recognizes that for optimal function, we need to treat the body as an interconnected system of organs that need to operate in perfect harmony.

Health care should be less about treating disease...

It should be more about correcting causes!

So much of modern medicine is focused only on silencing symptoms and treating diseases instead of teaching people how to correct the causes of their issues.

What if there was a better way? One that avoided drugs and surgery as much as possible in favor of more natural solutions like diet, lifestyle, stress management, and herbs.

Disease Model

Functional Model

Functional medicine really shines when it comes to treating chronic problems related to digestion, metabolic health, hormone system imbalances, brain and mood disorders, and immune system challenges.





Brain & Mood

Why Membership?

Our symptoms don’t appear overnight. Often, we’ve been curating dis-ease for years with triggers that we might ignore. These triggers can be things like chronic stress, prescription medications, nutrient depletions, psychological trauma, hormonal imbalance, or toxin exposure.

Creating sustainable change in our physiology takes time to unravel these influences. Enrolling in Membership is the key, as it allows constant support in your healing journey with private appointments, discounts, classes, and group support. We require an initial 3 months of membership, after which ongoing care is month to month until you’ve reached your goals.

The goal is simple: to graduate from this personalized program with a clear action plan for resolution and maintenance.

Let's Map Your Journey

1. Discovery Process

2. Your Personal Roadmap

3. Ongoing Support

Getting Started

We only choose to work with clients that we believe we can help and who are committed to doing the work of healing.

That’s why we require that you first meet with our team on a FREE 15-minute “health strategy session”.

This can be done over Zoom, the phone,  or in person. At the end of the call, you will be invited to schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Duggar if we both feel that we’re a good fit to work together. 

Amazing Client Results

Foundation Program FAQs

If you’re ready to get the personalized care and support you deserve so you can finally get answers and feel your best, the first step is to fill out a simple request for a Free Health Strategy Session with Dr. Duggar to see if he feels he can help you.

Click here to apply.

Results vary for each person based on the complexity of your case and your commitment and consistency following the recommendations. It is not uncommon to experience improvements in mood, digestion, energy, and sleep within the first week or two of nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement changes. After 30-90 days of consistently following personal recommendations, most patients feel a significant improvement.  While full resolution of symptoms is not uncommon, for some people, feeling completely symptom-free may take more time and dedication, especially if they have been living with chronic inflammation or illness for a long time. Because there are many factors that influence results, I cannot make guarantees about the results you will experience through the membership.

Our symptoms don’t appear overnight. Often, we’ve been curating dis-ease for years with triggers that we might ignore. These triggers can be things like chronic stress, prescription medications, nutrient depletions, psychological trauma, hormonal imbalances,  or toxin exposure.

Creating sustainable change in our physiology takes time to unravel these influences. Enrolling in Membership is the key to success as it allows for continuity of care along your entire healing journey with private appointments, group coaching visits, online education, and discounts on needed supportive care.


Yes. Because our Functional Wellness Membership is not designed to diagnose and treat disease, but rather to assess functional imbalances and recommend natural approaches to balance these issues, we are able to address our out of state clients’ needs as certified health coaches. Dr. Duggar holds certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Tammie is a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. Both certifications are among the most sought-after health coaching designations available. All out-of-area consultations are held via video conference software.

We do not bill insurance or Medicare for our services. The type of care we provide requires special attention, educational resources, communication, and time that is not typically covered by insurance companies. However, we will provide you with documentation that you can submit to your insurance provider for out-of-network benefit reimbursement which may cover part of the program investment, but we do not guarantee insurance coverage. Our clients typically have no problem using their HSA or FSA accounts. Please check with your provider or Human Resources Department to find out.

Yes. We do not provide acute or urgent care services and we do not replace the services that your current medical team provides. We provide a stand-alone service focused on eliminating root causes and creating and advancing health.

Labs & supplements are not included in membership fees.  We offer direct lab pricing which means that you pay the lab directly and get the best prices on recommended lab tests. Most labs we work with offer insurance coverage for PPO plans as well as cash discounts. Supplements are recommended based on your needs through well-vetted professional supplement manufacturers.

Blood testing is done either at your insurance provider’s preferred local laboratory or the nearest LabCorp draw station. Functional lab test samples are typically collected at home. Test kits with clear collection instructions are provided to you directly form the lab. Payment is made directly to the lab to ensure access to the lowest price possible. HSA, and FSA benefits may be used to cover lab costs. 

We’re committed to enhancing your access to the services, laboratory testing, and supplements you need through transparent and affordable pricing. We provide labs at our cost and pass the savings on to you. On average, you should budget between $500-$1200 for functional lab tests.

While much of your treatment results come from diet and lifestyle changes, many people require temporary (or long-term) supplementation based on their unique genetic limitations, digestion inefficiencies, or micronutrient deficiencies.  We will provide you access to prescription quality supplements through our online dispensary where we have personally vetted companies that show the highest purity and 3rd party quality certification. Since you are ordering them from our recommended prescription service, you will get discounted pricing from MRSP.  However, you should still budget $200-400 for the cost of supplements during the first few months of recovery.