Dr. Jerry Duggar
Chiropractor. Functional Medicine Expert.

I’m Dr. Jerald Duggar. I’m a husband, father of 4 amazing kids, total health geek, choral singer and soloist, and wannabe golfer. More importantly to you, I’m also a chiropractor and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner with over 22 years of clinical experience helping people just like you figure out how to maintain their own health and the health of their family in the midst of this crazy, stressed-out world we live in.

Let’s face it. It can be pretty difficult to be healthy these days. There are so many demands on our time that we run ourselves ragged trying to keep it all going. Finding nutrient-dense, healthy food requires lots of effort and planning because packaged food has become the norm for society, our environment is becoming more and more toxic with man-made chemicals and pollutants, and to top it off, the news and social media keep us in a constant cycle of negative stories.

If you feel like the world has got you down a bit, just know that I’ve let those things get the better of me in the past too.

You see, during my second year of chiropractic school, I went through my own health crisis. I was depressed, fatigued, my brain was foggy, my skin looked awful and my digestive system was totally out of whack. I was irritable, in pain and there were days I wondered if I was going to survive under the immense demands of full-time school, two part-time jobs, volunteering at my church, and trying to be a father and husband. I could feel my whole world starting to crumble around me.

Luckily for me, I had a nutrition professor who was one of the early pioneers of functional medicine who took the time to listen to my whole story, run the appropriate lab tests, recommend the correct supplement support, and guided me to address the root cause behaviors and habits that were responsible for my illness.

Wouldn’t you know it, before long my health made a complete 180, and not only was I able to survive chiropractic school, I graduated Magna Cum Laude near the top of my class – something my mom still can’t quite believe. 😉

I knew that my personal experience would profoundly influence the type of practice I would establish and since then, I’ve been on a never-ending quest to master the key components of a wellness lifestyle and develop more effective ways to help my community to lose weight, sleep better, balance their hormones, have great energy and altogether feel happier in their own skin – all without dangerous drugs and surgery!

I believe deeply that we each have a capacity to live a life of health and happiness far beyond what we are currently enjoying. Our bodies are truly amazing and when we understand what our body is trying to tell us, we become empowered to make better choices, and then our bodies can’t help but respond with amazing health transformations!

I am fortunate to be able to help patients from all around the intermountain west in our office in Bountiful, Utah and we also work with people that live all over the country. In addition, my wife Tammie and I have spent years developing a host of options for people at different stages in their health journey including several popular online programs available on this site.

I hope that you enjoy poking around this website for more helpful information.

We’d love to share our passion and knowledge with you to help you on your journey.

Wishing you all the best,

Dr. Jerry