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Medical Thermography

What is Medical Thermography??

We live in exciting times where new technologies are emerging to help physicians evaluate body dysfunction earlier and in less invasive ways. One of the most novel technologies utilizes sophisticated thermal imaging of the body to detect areas with focal temperature changes. These temperature asymmetries can be used as an early detection mechanism or a simple screening that can prompt a deeper investigation if needed.

Our autonomic nervous system is charged with the task of maintaining and regulating our body temperature. Each tissue and organ system has an ongoing need for blood flow to bring oxygen and nutrients and remove wastes. When stress, inflammation or other disease processes are present, the nerve system will not be able to regulate temperature and the variations can easily be seen on the thermal image.

Breast Health

One of the most important applications of this technology has been in the area of breast health. The standard of care for years has been regularly scheduled mammograms which are x-ray images of the breast tissues. These tests are not without controversy though as of course, the introduction of x-rays to the tissues has a negative impact on the tissues that are in question. In other words, it is somewhat invasive of a procedure. In addition, it is less sensitive in denser breast tissues and has a high rate of false positives.

A recent review by the Swiss Medical Board published in the New England Journal of Medicine indicated that according to their data, mammography unequivocally caused more harm than good. The authors stated that “for every breast cancer death prevented in U.S. women over a 10-year course of annual screening beginning at 50 years of age, 490 to 670 women are likely to have a false-positive mammogram with repeat examination; 70 to 100, an unnecessary biopsy; and 3 to 14, an over-diagnosed breast cancer that would never have become clinically apparent.”1

These challenges are leading many researchers to look towards other screening measures to potential issues in the breast like thermography.

Published medical research at cancer centers in the US has estimated that thermography can detect early changes relating to breast tumors forming two to five years before a mammogram will find a growth. They also confirm that thermography combined with mammography offers an increased accuracy rate of 97%.

Thermography Details

  • While thermography is NOT a diagnostic test. It is a non-invasive screening that can reveal changes in tissues. Abnormalities can then be followed up with more specific tests.
  • It doesn’t replace mammography, but it can serve as a safe test for younger women that would not typically be recommended to have a mammogram.
  • It is not only for women.
  • It is not only for breast health. The entire body can be imaged.
  • There is no harmful radiation and is 100% safe.
  • It requires no physical contact.
  • The procedure requires less than 30 minutes.
  • The scan images are interpreted by a trained medical radiologist.

Thermography is Now Available at Duggar Wellness

We are excited to partner with St. George Thermography clinic to be a satellite location for these innovative tests.

If you are interested in learning more about this test or to schedule a procedure for yourself or a loved one, click this link.

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