Hormone Balance

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One of the major areas that we address at Duggar Wellness is hormone balance. So many of the major symptoms of ill health are tied to the function of these critical chemical messengers. Mental clarity, memory, energy, weight control, sleep, happiness, bone strength, digestive function not to mention sexual health and reproduction are all intimately tied to the balance of this complex symphony.

The current standard of care in most medical practices is to test for hormone levels and when they are low, replace them with synthetic versions. Very little attention is given to what might have caused the hormones to be out of balance in the first place. 

Instead, we take the time to do a thorough investigation into the interrelationship of all of the endocrine glands and help our clients find solutions that minimize the need for replacing hormones. 

If hormones eventually need to be supported, we recommend bioidentical hormones.

Personalized Treatments

A Holistic Approach

At Duggar Wellness, we specialize in creating a customized wellness plan to address each patient’s underlying health challenges. When it comes to pain, we take great care to support the joints, muscles and other soft tissues biomechanically and help each patient to get relief as quickly as possible.

This approach often involves the integration of chiropractic care, antiinflammatory supplementation, laser therapy, and regenerative injections to speed the healing response, as well as home therapies to manage pain and rebuild strength in the injured, painful tissues.

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Adrenal Health

Your adrenal glands play a central role in your endocrine system when it comes to regulating and reacting to your body’s stress levels. When they are functioning properly, you are able to effectively accommodate and react to the day-to-day stresses that you encounter.


Your thyroid hormones are the primary signals that control metabolism, growth, and many other functions. Unfortunately, Thyroid problems are becoming more and more prevalent in America, leading to fatigue, weight issues, constipation, dry skin and hair, high cholesterol and depression.

Women's Health

The female sex hormone cycle is quite complex, with a number of hormones all playing a role in allowing for reproduction. If any of these hormones are out of balance, it can produce

Men's Health

Without proper nutrient levels in the body, repairing injured tissues and resolving inflammation is impossible. We utilize herbs and other beneficial nutritional compounds that have been widely used to manage pain safely for centuries.

Common Causes of Pain

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